Keeping Your Braces Clean at School

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Now that you are back in school, cleaning and maintaining your braces can be challenging. But if you neglect your teeth and braces after meals or snacks at school, you are more likely to get cavities, not to mention bad breath. The good news, you can keep your braces clean at school by following our tips. 

What to Put in Your Dental Kit

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When it comes to a dental care kit, adding dental supplies to your purse, backpack, or gym bag is vital! This kit is just for school and is separate from your home dental care supplies. That way, you don’t have to worry about packing your kit each morning before you rush off to school. Here is what you should put in your kit:

  • A regular soft-bristle toothbrush
  • A toothpaste of your choice (we suggest a travel size for your school kit)
  • Floss (you can pick flavored floss if you like)
  • Dental wax
  • Extra bag of rubber bands
  • Tissues
  • Mouthwash
  • A small travel pouch to hold all these dental supplies.

Tips for Keeping Your Braces Clean at School

  1. Brush your teeth after eating.
  2. Use dental floss when you brush, so you can be sure to remove all particles of food and debris that may be hiding in and around your braces. Platypus floss is made special for braces.
  3. Use dental wax if any wires poke your lips or cheeks. The wax will help protect you from cuts or sores until your next appointment. If you need to use wax, it helps if you dry the tooth with a tissue so the wax will stay in place.
  4. Allow yourself time after meals to go to the bathroom to brush and floss.
  5. Avoid sugary drinks during sports or after-school activities.
  6. If you run out of time to brush and floss, rinse with mouthwash, but try to brush and floss as often as possible.

Parents Can Help Too

  • Ask your parents if you need help putting together your school dental kit.
  • If necessary, ask your parents to talk to the school staff about any special arrangements you may need so that you can clean your braces after snacks or meals.

How We Can Help

We understand it is harder to keep your teeth clean with braces. But you can by following our tips. If you have any problems with your braces or feel a toothache, it is important to let your parents know and have them call us at our Greensboro or Randleman Office to make an appointment. We will be glad to answer any questions and check your teeth to ensure your treatment is progressing as planned and your teeth stay healthy.




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