How to Make Your Braces Less Obvious

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Braces are a common orthodontic treatment to straighten teeth and improve your smile. However, some people may feel self-conscious about their braces and want to make them less noticeable. Fortunately, you can try several tips to help make them less obvious and feel more confident in your smile.

Choose clear or tooth-colored brackets.

One of the easiest ways to make braces less noticeable is to choose clear or tooth-colored brackets. These brackets blend in with your teeth and are much less noticeable than traditional metal brackets. While they may be slightly more expensive, they can significantly improve your confidence during orthodontic treatment. Talk to us about whether clear or tooth-colored brackets are an option for you.

Use clear or white rubber bands.

In addition to clear or tooth-colored brackets, clear or white rubber bands can also help make your braces less conspicuous. These rubber bands are less noticeable than traditional colored bands and can blend in with your teeth. Talk to us about using clear or white rubber bands during your treatment. Keep in mind that these bands may not be as strong as colored bands, so you may need to change them more frequently.

Avoid brightly colored bands.

If you don’t want your braces to stand out, it’s best to avoid brightly colored bands. While they may seem fun and playful, they can draw attention to your braces and make them stand out even more. Stick to neutral colors like clear, white, or silver to help your braces blend in with your teeth. If you want to add color, consider using a subtle shade like light blue or pale pink.

Practice good oral hygiene to make your braces less obvious.
Keeping your braces clean and shiny can help make them less noticeable. Make sure to brush your teeth at least twice daily and floss daily to remove any food particles that may get stuck in your braces.

Here are three aids to keep your braces and teeth clean:

  • Interproximal brushes are great at dislodging plaque and food particles trapped between teeth and cleaning out debris that catches on brackets and wires.
  • Water irrigators – these can flush out food particles.
  • Fluoride mouth rinses – there are over-the-counter or prescription strength. A daily fluoride rinse can strengthen tooth enamel and help prevent white marks (decalcification).

Also, avoid foods and drinks that stain your teeth, such as coffee, tea, and red wine.

Wear clothing that complements your braces.

A person in a black hat with braces smiling, clothing that complements your braces

Choosing suitable clothing can also make your braces less noticeable. Avoid wearing bright colors that clash with the color of your braces, such as red or orange. Instead, opt for neutral colors like black, white, or gray. You can also choose clothing with patterns or designs that draw attention away from your mouth, such as a bold scarf, statement necklace, or hat. Finally, avoid wearing clothing with busy patterns or prints that can clash with your braces and make them stand out even more.

Final Words

Creating healthy smiles for our patients is our priority. But we also want your journey through your treatment to be as smooth as possible. We are constantly working to offer the most effective and efficient care in a fun yet professional environment. Call us if you have any concerns about your braces or are considering starting treatment.

Dr. Tripp Cobb
Cobb Orthodontics


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